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"Injecting adrenaline into my brain."

                     - Manley Miller, Wizard of Ads, New Orleans


Stevens Report:

10 e-Journal Entries of Human Persuasion


Crack your knuckles,
Belly up to your keyboard and
Tap out some pointed language!...

...when you read the Stevens Report; it's my journal of human persuasion.

And as a sample, here are three of my reviews from different Wizard Academy classes:

  1. Ad Writing 101 by: Roy H. Williams ("The Wizard of Ads")
  2. Accelerated Branding by: David Freeman
  3. Writing For Radio & The Internet by: Chris Maddock & Jeff Sexton


Go to the Wizard Academy and learn how to write powerfully...

...unless you DON'T want to move humanity one way or another.


...because how they'll respond depends on the POWER of YOUR offer.

They'll respond to your message with:
Dollars - and give you truckloads of cash,
Dislike - and hate you absolutely, or
Delight - and love your whole soul.


they WILL respond
they WILL remember you, and
they WILL repeat your message. 

Isn't it time for you to make your Reader/Listener/Viewer STOP,   PAY ATTENTION & RESPOND to your advertising?

Why does your business need The Woodlands Wizard of Ads?

We focus on three broad concepts for developing & implementing your advertising campaign: Silver Bullet Strategy, Attracting the Most Media Buy, and Powerful Copy

Silver Bullet Strategy

We have a process whereby we uncover the story about your business, the Silver Bullet. By highlighting Limiting Factors and pointing to the Unleveraged Assets in your business, this begins developing your story. Once your story has been fully revealed it becomes the focal point of all the public messages about your business. It's your Silver Bullet your business becomes widely known for. Your business strategy comes from this, your own Core Competence. Your story will move people. Your story creates traffic. What is your story?

Attracting the Most Media Buy

First, an overview of your current Share of Voice, Share of Mind and overall Market Potential is essential. We determine the most efficient media for your adverting dollars. Then we allocate your budget primarily for that media. How else will you reach the most people with the smallest dollars?

Powerful Copy

Our powerful copy (always linked back to your story) is unleased within the most efficient media. Inserting Brandable Chunks into your ads specific to your company is important. The Wizard of Ads and Partners are known for copy that penetrates your market repeatedly; and with honorable invitations to your customers to do come and do business with you. What are you saying to move people?

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